Consultation in the IT Consultation in the advantages and disadvantages that are often complex and even intangible to inexperienced eyes.

It is therefore essential that you can trust a company like sagl with many years of experience and both technical and economic attention to detail. This all comes together to find solutions that allow you to achieve maximum results with suitable costs, especially solutions that are realistic.

Infrastructure & Platforms

We carry out analytical and advisory services in the integration of hardware and software systems.

Networks & Security

We create computer networks by integrating the highest Wireless and Cable security standards.


These days the combination of IT and telecommunications is becoming an ever-more unique concept. Thanks to our experience gained over many years, we can find secure and cost-effective solutions, projected into the future.

Rapid support

The added extra that we offer to our clients is a 4h response from our technicians, seven days a week.

We provide solutions

The solution that seems the simplest, is the most simple. [J. Cruijff]

  • We’re small
  • We’re dynamic
  • We come from years of experience
  • ... we’re SMART.
  • We know what clients are looking for
  • We favour Keep It Simple and Stupid

About us

At your service since 1994

For a long time we’ve dealt with IT Consulting for external companies, offering telephone systems, the latest server IT infrastructure solutions, backups, software integration, VOIP and many more. This allows us to improve and increase work, always maintaining security and reliability standards to the highest level.

Our company, though small, can boast of medium and large clients, who trust us today for the smooth functioning of their IT systems.

IT infrastructure 100%
Telephone exchanges 90%
Integration and interaction between systems 95%

1 contact for 360 solutions

With us, you can succeed. has always wanted to collaborate with other local partnerships, allowing us to offer clients a higher professional value and fast interventions.

Our team

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IT Manager


Starting in 2014, the new manage of sagl.

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IT Manager


Founder of sagl and mentor.

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IT Manager


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Our front and back office, the one who you’ll mainly speak to on the phone.

Partners & Collaborations

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Worldwide leader for business software development.

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The best data protection for your systems in place, to remote locations, on public and private clouds and on mobile devices.

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We detect malware, allowing you to save time and effort.

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Tomorrow belongs to speed.

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Hewlett Packard

50 years of innovation.

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HP Aruba Network

Connect your world to intelligent mobility.

portfolio img

Panasonic Business

Implement advanced network communications, IP-based desktop phones, highly configurable answering machines, or simply optimise communication in real time in your business.

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SISA Green Systems SA

Partner for professional printing solutions.

portfolio img

Soldini SA

Company operating for offer 35 years in multimedia and entertainment.

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Exion Networks SA

Easy to use and very convenient tariffs. This is the Exion World prepaid VoIP.

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Development of Startup and SME, embracing their vision and working with dedication to their success.

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The perfect solution for every PMI - even yours!

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Protel by rebagdata

Know your guests, their trips and their preferences.

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Manage your restaurant inexpensive and efficient with the professional iPad POS-system from GASTROFIX.

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Hosting by Exion Networks SA

Business START

  • 9.- + TAX per month
  • 1 host domain
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 1 DB MySQL
  • Monthly backups

Business BASIC

  • 14.90 + TAX per month
  • 1 host domain
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 5 DB MySQL
  • Weekly backups


  • 19.90 + TAX per month
  • 10 host domains
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 10 DB MySQL
  • Daily backups

Business PLUS

  • 24.90 + TAX per month
  • 100 host domains
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 100 DB MySQL
  • Daily backups

Our remote contact with you

Support through Realcom remote support allows the Realcom support professional to see the screen from their computer in another location and directly work on it, using a secure connection. By using Realcom remote assistance, you accept that during this session the support technician will begin recording. As a consequence, communication will be recorded and saved by Realcom remote assistance. The end of the session, you can request a link to the recording.

Enter a 6-digit code

Note: LogMeIn (LMI) Rescue is a third-party remote assistance product that is currently used to provide remote assistance to Realcom clients. Realcom support uses the Enterprise version of LogMeIn Rescue as the main desktop remote assistance tool to solve clients’ problems. With LogMeIn Rescue, Realcom experts can see or share the remotely-controlled computer, communication and highlight sessions on the screen of the client without having to install software. LogMeInResult is different from other LogMeIn remote access products and other companies in terms of a reactive support instrument based on authorisation. To provide remote assistance, a temporary software will be installed on the PC or device, or only by someone who has the explicit authorisation from the client, authorisation that must be given every single time a client asks for assitance. Realcom support will only be given from this site. Information about the product shouldn’t be considered an endorsement or support of Realcom. Realcom can suspend use of this tool without notice. SAGL

IT & Voice Solutions

Our offices

Piazza Grande 9A, Locarno

+41 91 780 90 21